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About Us

Discover a new way of working with workfromhub - a unique third space that provides the perfect environment for productivity. Say goodbye to the monotony of your everyday routine and enjoy a change of scenery in our calming space.

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At workfromhub, we're passionate about addressing the new challenges presented by the hybrid way of working. Homes are full of distractions and co-working spaces often lack privacy, leaving remote workers struggling to find a suitable space to focus and be productive. That's why we're breathing new life into underused spaces in local communities, transforming them into innovative workspaces designed for busy people who work away from the office. By providing a flexible and professional solution, we're benefiting the local community, enabling them to do their best work anywhere.


Our vision at workfromhub is to be a global leader in the remote working industry, by creating a worldwide network of premium workspaces that benefit local communities. We see ourselves as not just solving a problem, but as pioneers of a new way of working that prioritises productivity, well-being, and sustainability. As we continue to grow, we want to inspire other innovative remote working solutions that help people thrive in their work and personal lives. We also see the potential for workfromhub to be a key player in the development of 15-minute neighbourhoods and mobility hubs, creating even more accessible and sustainable workspaces for people worldwide.


Upgrading Our Hubs

At workfromhub, we are constantly striving to enhance our services and provide the best experience for our users. As part of this commitment, we are currently working on our hub design, with the aim to improve our user's comfort and overall workspace experience.

We remain dedicated to bringing you the best work-from-anywhere solutions and look forward to sharing more updates on our upgraded hubs and new locations as we continue to grow and evolve.


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Can't see a hub near you?

We are actively exploring new locations to expand our network. Let us know where you want to see a workfromhub and we'll be in touch when we come to your area.

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