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Accessibility Statement 

At workfromhub, our commitment to accessibility and inclusivity remains steadfast. We understand the importance of creating spaces that cater to everyone, regardless of their abilities.


If you are planning to visit a specific workfromhub location and have accessibility concerns, we encourage you to reach out to our support team in advance by e-mailing This way, we can provide you with detailed information about the accessibility features available at that particular location.

We encourage all our users to provide any additional feedback on our service with regard to accessibility, as we continue to develop our service to provide the best possible experience to our users. 

What to expect

As you arrive at our hub, users will be able to access the door by taping the remote access button in the app under their booking. Users may also enter their unique access code if they prefer, which again can be found within the app. Our hub door is wheelchair accessible with a power assisted hinge to ensure the door is light and easy to open. 

When in the space wheelchair users will be able to manoeuvre under the height adjustable desk. There is suitable space to store the desk chair to the right of the desk to maximise the space and for greater comfort. 

Whilst working in the space, there is a second monitor screen that can be plugged into the users laptop for additional ease whilst working. Users can tailor their desk height to a position that is comfortable for them. 

What if I need help?

Within the hub there is an emergency pull cord which will sound an alarm and cause lights to flash outside of the hub to capture rail staff's attention. Rail staff will be able to gain access and provide assistance if needed. There is an additional emergency number within the hub to call if you have any issues and an e-mail to correspond to also. 

Take a Hub Tour 

See below a hub tour video showcasing the space, alongside images. 

Current Accessibility Features & Dimensions 


Our current hub design dimensions can be found below, and are applicable to all our hubs.

  • 800mm door width 

  • 10mm upstand threshold 

  • 1500mm turning circle space to manoeuvre

Power assisted hinge 

All our hubs are installed with a power assisted hinge which is compliant with BS8300/Equalities Act. To ensure the door is a light as possible to open and mitigate any strain on our users. 

Remote Lock Access 

All our hubs are easily accessibly through our app by pressing the remote lock button which you will find on your booking. We also provide a unique access code should users wish to input their access code instead. 


Please note if you leave your hub during your booking time, ensure you have your phone with you or your access code to hand to enter the space again. 

Colour contrasting design

All our hubs are designed to ensure key features of the space including walls, desk, plugs and information sheets are colour contrasting for clear visibility.

Emergency pull cord 

An alarm sounds and lights will flash when this function is pulled to bring attention to the hub, and provide assistance. 

Height Adjustable Desk 

Please note this feature is only available at our Bristol Hub


Our height adjustable desk can be lowered to 725mm from the ground level and up to 1250mm above. Allowing more space under the desk for wheelchair users and ability to adjust the height of the desk that is convenient.  


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